New Prayer Books & Materials Available in our Library

Our Library of books and references for studying the Kingdom is available. Please sign out and return. Also accepting pre-read books as donations. Assistance for study is available ask for assistance from our church family. Studying is key to knowledge. Once truth is revealed it unlocks many doors to the Kingdom. ¬ęThe hand of the Lord was upon me, and carried me out in the spirit of the Lord, and…Keep Reading

Help Us Raise Money for Those In Need

Recently we have been witness to many events that have slowed the world down to reflect on these events. We have seen recently children in other parts of the world trapped in a cave and efforts made to save them. Hurricanes hitting and wiping out homes, leaving families homeless. School shootings killing our future lives and leaders. Help us in prayer and worship to raise funds to be in a…Keep Reading

Construction of the New Chapel Is In The Works

Apostle Robert is skirting the cities for a new home with plans on bringing home God’s chosen. First and foremost God lives within us. We are His Body as we carry Him throughout our walk daily. Restoring each other and making ourselves His Temple. Gathering together as His instructions on His Rest Day we plan on building or finding a location to fit our growing family of believers. As we…Keep Reading

Bible Study Gathering Thursdays

All are welcome to participate in our Thursday night Bible Study group. We are seeking the truth in our walk as Kings. Ruling our Kingdom according to the Word. For once we were blind but now we see. The Bible is written by Hebrews for Hebrews and when it was taken from us we searched long to be restored in our rightful place. Let us not think we have all…Keep Reading